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Vancouver's legendary independent bookstore

Established in June 2000, we're one of Western Canada's largest and busiest bookstores, with more than 80,000 new and used titles in two neighborhood locations in Mount Pleasant and on Commercial Drive.

While our corporate competitors "diversify" away from print into bath towels, candles, chocolates & blankets, we're sticking with what we do best: an unrivalled selection of new, used, & out-of-print books chosen by readers, not algorithms.

Our new releases represent the best of what's available in current fiction and nonfiction, with an emphasis on books that will still be read in five, ten, or even twenty years.

Most new books are sold at a discount to Canadian cover price.

Our regular customers say that our Main Street shop has more turnover than any bookstore they've ever been in. Every day sees hundreds of new and out-of-print books added to the shelves.

Regular book sellers know we pay more for used books & bring in "the good stuff" ...the ones they'd rather not sell.

Whether you're seeking a recent Ann Patchett, an out-of-print Clark Ashton Smith, or that little blue book about a pony you had when you were a kid, we'll either have it on our shelves, or can help you find it.

If we don't have what you want, we order new books, often at discounts from Canadian cover price. We can source virtually any book published in North America, even those supplied by US publishers and wholesalers whose titles aren't normally available in Canada.

We also order graphic novels, but not single issue comic books, often at discounts from Canadian cover price. Our special order service is faster and cheaper than ordering online from Indigo and Amazon.ca. Unlike them, we never charge for shipping. And if you order $50 or more of books from us, we'll deliver anywhere in the Lower Mainland at no additional charge.

Our Main Street location also carries Moleskine notebooks, and Brodart archival book jacket covers.

Many frequently asked questions about us are answered below, but if you can't find an answer, please call us at 604.876.4311. We want to hear from you!

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